Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bigmama's Birthday

                                           My Bigmama was born this day, August 2, 1913. I'd be making her a Margarita today.....something she taught to me to make. She'd be 98 years old to my 50, had she lived. That STILL doesn't change the fact that I have a drink for her spirit, and even for having the very thought of her. I wouldn't buy 98 balloons and release them into the atmosphere in her honor. She wouldn't give a damn about that, because that's not how SHE celebrated. I stick to what she would have done. She'd put a record on the RCA Victorola, fix a few High Balls, and sing between sips. She'd hum, even make up words where they don't belong.....her perogative. Oh, I forgot to mention this: Her right hand pinky finger was ALWAYS raised while tipping the glass!