Friday, September 27, 2013

Fast Food Friday

                                             Obese classmates. There may have been a total of five that I knew personally, during my whole childhood. We walked and ran EVERYWHERE, and fat didn't have a chance to hang around. If you couldn't catch up...wellllllll.
                                             Fast Food was a treat during my childhood, not the staple of our diet today. My mother, Juanita Olivia Chappell ( b. May 10, 1931 San Antonio, Bexar
, Texas -March 10, 1975 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California), treated my sisters and I to Fast Food on Fridays. Man.....we couldn't WAIT until she came home from work (as a Masseuse @ The Beverly Hills Health Club for Women), so that we could walk to a neighborhood joint. A "You Buy We Fry" storefront was right off S.Hoover Avenue and 50 something Street.
                                             Mom usually grabbed a Fried Catfish Dinner, fried with Cornmeal batter, and the fish with Tail ON...had to be on. She once said that she liked going to that place, because they fried their fish the way people did at home, with Cornmeal....and with the Tail. I hear her crunching, I hear that sound, as I still hear many great sounds of past Fast Food Fridays.