Monday, December 16, 2013

Uncle Odell Bradshaw's "Hex"




                        Last night, I posted an entry about my Santa Claus, Odell Bradshaw. A great, fun-loving, joyful man, who was really my 1st cousin 2x removed. Due to "Technical Difficulties, Maybe", I removed it. Here's the Low Down. But first, a smile from Uncle Odell........


                         After a few hours of sleep, I opened my blog to check who read it, and also to read it with fresh eyes. Well, I pressed a button to move a line of type.....and I messed up my whole blog entry. I attempted to fix it, but ended up deleting the original post. I don't think it was a "mistake", for too much weird stuff was happening. The thought suddenly hit me.... "Uncle Odell's hexing me!! He doesn't want his business in the Universe". My first mind is usually my right mind, and I had to laugh OUT LOUD....with my cup of coffee sloshing back and forth. 

                          Those of you who read my original entry may remember my family's penchant for: around-the-house "Salt Spreading", women's clothing "Creek Dropping", and burning shed hair after cleaning it from their hairbrushes. Rituals.....For keeping evil spirits, and "No Good" folks offa me" said my grandmother Ernestine DANIELS, Uncle Odell's 1st cousin.

                           So, to honor my first mind, and Uncle Odell's Hex, (insert canned laughter), I'll be good, LISTEN to my misstep, and start over. 


                           Odell Bradshaw was probably born laughing, with big round cheeks, 4 April 1910 in Round Rock, Texas. His mother was Hallie DANIELS(1894-1935), sister of my maternal Great Grandfather Will Daniels,(1890-1947)....both from Round Rock, Texas. 


                               Hallie and Will had other siblings: Lizzie, Henry, Dock, Beatrice, Delia Mae, Alma and Iola. Their parents were Monroe DANIELS(1862-1926), and Amanda WASHINGTON(1867-1963), both of Round Rock, Texas. They are buried there also. Uncle's father was D. BRADSHAW. I have no information on him yet. 

                            Mother Hallie's husband was Cooper ALLEN, at her time of death. I heard the name "Terrell" spoken more often than I remember his presence. I believe he was uncle Odell's brother, by Mr. Allen. Gathering definitive documentation on Terrell is a work in progress.



                          In the mid to late 1960's Uncle Odell snatched us off to Annual Boat Shows in San Antonio, and New Braunfels, Texas. My love for the water began with him....and watching Taffy Machines stretch Taffy! Below is his club's insignia, and they're still active today.


                                Uncle Odell kept his Christmas Tree up year round, with presents, candy and fruit sprinkled under it.

                              He usually visited us with an armload of gifts. It could have been Christmas, Just Because, or Birthdays. He really enjoyed bringing us dolls dressed in Period clothing similar to this, encased in a plastic cylinder. 


                            Mom thought her girls were too young to appreciate these dolls. She said they were for older girls, but he brought them anyway. I don't recall him having children, and maybe that's why he showered his nieces /cousins with love, laughter, and affection                            


                          Uncle Odell made the best Home Made Garlic Pickles. I spent my last day with him in 1985. He was declining in health, and physically wasn't the "Roly Poly" man who reminded me of.....

...... but, dipped in Chocolate!

His memory lives on 

He and I share Birthdays
         four days apart, love of water, boats, 
                           humor, and the reality that both our mothers       passed away in their early 40's.

I Loved My Santa